San Vino Wine Fight

Spain is known for its incredibly beautiful traditions. There are several traditional events in Spain that thousands of locals as well as tourists. Some commonly enjoyed events are running from the bulls, the tomato festival known as La Tomatina, and the San Vino Wine Fight. The San Vino Wine Fight is a unique event in Spain that involves A LOT of wine. That alone is enough to entice anyone to take part in it! Also known as the Haro Wine Festival, this famous event takes place in the town of Haro in the La Rioja region in northern Spain. La Rioja is famous for its wines all around the world.

The San Vino Wine Fight is an annual summer event involving Battle of Wine – Batalla de Vino. A summer event where you get drunk and throw delicious wine at each other? What could be more fun!

Every year thousands of tourists take part in this great event. This year, it will be celebrated on the 29th of June. Below are some interesting facts and details about this intoxicating event.


The Wine Festival has a long history, starting in the 17th century when Haro and its neighbors in Miranda de Ebro started throwing wine at each other. That is when the tradition of ‘War of Wine’ started, and in 1965 the name of this tradition was changed to ‘Batalladel Vino enHaro.’ Now the localc of Harocelebrate San Pedro every year with the Haro Wine Festival.

Haro Wine Festival

The Haro Wine Festival is an entire week of two of the best possible activities: drinking and music! The Wine Fight itself takes place on the 29th of June. At the fight, everyone has to show up in a white shirts and a red scarf. The Fight starts in the morning and pretty much any non-lethal weapon can be used in this crazy fight: sprayers, water guns, wine balloons, buckets, and anything that can be used to throw thousands of wine liters all over the masses. That’s not where the fun stops. Around mid-day, the fight stops and everyone heads to the Plaza de la Paz where there is even more wine, accompanied by food and music. Drinking, dancing, and eating: sounds like the perfect vacation!

Taking part in San Vino Wine Fight

You can also be a part of this crazy, fun-filled event if you plan your trip just right. First, you must make sure you can finance your trip. If, after arriving in Spain, you find yourself short of money, use Ria Money Transfer Spain to have someone send you money, easily and quickly. Once you have secured your finances, you can start your trip to Haro for the wine festival!

The wine festival is extremely well planned, and you can contact different travel agencies to plan your trip to Haro in time for the festival. The easiest way to get to Haro is to arrive in San Sebastian and then take a shuttle from there. It is easy to reach San Sebastian as it is close to international airports.

Since Haro has such so popular because of the wine fight, you can find several good accommodation options in the area, including, but not limited to:

  • Hotel ETH Rioja
  • Hotel Arrope
  • Ciudad de Haro
  • Wine & Soul Suites
  • Luz Hotel Haro

You can also set camp with friends at the base of the hills where the fight takes place. Tents can be erected at the campsite, and everyone can enjoy food and music together.

The San Vino Wine Fight is a fun and beautiful that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. With Ria Money Transfer Spain you can easily get money transferred to you at any time and enjoy this festival without any money troubles.

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